Girls were very excited about this field tripOn last Monday, the girls of LitClub Nepal went to Nepal Japanese Children library for a field trip. The library is located near the British Council in Lainchaur, Kathmandu and was established in 2001. This library contains hundreds of books for children. Because the library opens only after 12 o’clock, we gathered in Niharika Shishu Kunja High school at 11 o’ clock in the morning. As the facilitator of the club, I told the girls a few things about the library and the rest of the plan for the day. After our quick meeting, I along with 9 other girls of the club left for the library.

We had planned to go to the library in a public vehicle, but if you know Kathmandu at all, you will know how difficult it was to find a bus or a “micro bus” with enough room for all of us. But, thankfully after waiting for only 15 minutes, we got a chance to sit comfortably in a bus and we were able to reach the library in only 20 minutes. From the bus stand we walked for 2 minutes and reached the library. The girls seemed very excited to go inside. After arriving, we took off our shoes, put our bags in the lockers and went inside the library. The girls were very astonished to see so many books in one room.

At first the girls were very overwhelmed and couldn’t find the books they wanted to read. One of the helpers from the library was very kind to guide us though. She was very patient in answering our questions and helped the girls find the type of books they wanted to read. The girls roamed around the library for a while, grabbed a book of their choice and sat down to read. It was very interesting to see that the girls were interested in different things and hence were reading different types of books.

We stayed at the library for nearly 4 hours reading

We stayed at the library for nearly 4 hours. The girls and I didn’t want to leave the library, but at 4 o’clock we decided to return back to Niharika Shishu Kunja High School and thus return home. We were all very hungry from our first field trip so on the way to Niharika, we grabbed a small snack.  With some food in our stomach and the books in our head, we felt very good about our trip to the library.

As the facilitator of this club, I felt that our first field trip went really well and also I believe that this trip was very influential to the girls because they got an opportunity to see something out of their daily lives and the regular books they read in school.  I am excited to plan the next field trip now.

We love to read!

LitClub Facilitator & Rukmini Foundation Didi

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