Update from our sister organization LitClub Niharika:

LitClub Niharika came together for another fun session in June of this year. Like all of our sessions, we started with the Hello Song followed by the check-in question. Because this session was close to Mother’s day, we used the opportunity to share with each other how we made our mothers happy on this special occasion. We enjoyed hearing each other’s stories about how we celebrated Mother’s Day.


For this session, we had a very special activity called a heart map. This activity is both a community building activity because the girls work together to create a final map, but also a personal activity because each girl shared what was most important to them. Because this is an activity which enables us to imagine things or people who belong to us, we divided the heart into various boxes of different sizes. We wrote the names of the people or things that are important in our lives inside those boxes according to their priority. We then decorated these hearts with different colors and glitter. Finally, we put all of those hearts together on a chart paper as a group.

This was a very entertaining community building activity. All of the girls enjoyed making their heart maps and it sparked their creativity and also taught them to understand their priorities in life. It made us realize how important our family and friends are  in our lives. I felt very happy to see that the girls also included LitClub in their heart maps.  It was great to see that everyone was very excited and enthusiastic while doing this activity.


After we completed this activity, we read aloud a story named “The Three Brothers” and discussed how big of a role our family plays in our lives. We then sat in a circle and played a game called Mrs Marbles, which was simple yet very enjoyable. The objective of this game was to hide our teeth and also control our laughter as much as we could while each of us in the circle asked “Have you seen Mrs. Marbles?” and “No, I haven’t but I’ll ask my neighbor!” It may sound like a silly activity, but we enjoyed it, and sharing laughter is a great way to bring our group closer together.


We concluded our session by praising each other for doing such a wonderful job while making the heart maps and sang the goodbye song. Another fun and educational session at LitClub Niharika.

Until next time …

LitClub Co-Facilitator and Rukmini Foundation Didi

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