It has been a while since we posted an update on LitClub Nepal.  For those of you who do not know what a LitClub is, LitClubs are groups or clubs formed throughout the world and sponsored by LitWorld. Most of these activities in LitClubs revolve around reading, sharing stories, and team building activities.  We established LitClub Niharika in February 2013 at Niharika Shishu Kunja High school where we began with a group of 10 girls and our main objectives were to motivate and support young girls to believe in themselves and develop their ability of expressing themselves.

Drawing activity

LitClub Niharika has had more than 20 meetings to date and our meetings have been enjoyable and rewarding for all.  We also have some very exciting news to share about LitClubs inNepal. First of all, we have 3 new girls joining at LitClub Niharika. Because of the success of the program, we had three more girls who are attending grade 6 join our Lit Club Niharika recently. Welcome Mallika, Binisha, and Alisha.

LitClub Niharika continues to grow with three new members

Secondly, due to our success with LitClub Niharika, and to give the same opportunity to other communities, three new Lit Clubs are going to start this fall in three different  government schools in Pharping, Kathmandu.  This means more than 30 young girls from nearby villages will get to take part in activities that not only improve literacy, but also their self-confidence.

This past August, a meeting was held  at A School for Community in Pharping, which included Dr.Nabin Aryal, Mr. Kedar Nath Acharya, representatives of Rukmini Foundation along with Sunita Balami, Manisha K.C. and Debaki K.C., who will be the co-facilitators of LitClubs in Pharping, and myself. The meeting was to discuss how we could take the success of LitClub Niharika to build these new LitClubs in Shikarapur Communtiy High School, Setidevi Secondary School, and Pharping High School.  I felt proud to be able to talk about the work I have done at LitClub Niharika and to show the steps that should be followed to form these clubs. The meeting focused on the following  points.

  • What is a LitClub?
  • What is its main objective?
  • How to train the new co-facilitators?
  • How to choose the members of the club?
  • How to initiate the meetings?
  • How to use the curriculum?
  • How to define and use the budget?

I am seated at the table with Prabriti (Rukmini Foundation Didi / Mentor), and two co-facilitators.

As I shared my experiences with LitClub Niharika, the new co-facilitators were very excited to listen to me. Though they were very curious, they seemed  a little nervous about starting the club, but after listening to my experiences, they seemed to feel more comfortable. I think this is an amazing opportunity for the young underprivileged girls of the Pharping area as well as the facilitators who will be leading the clubs because the will get to be a part of LitClub and work together to help develop skills for one another. This will help them develop confidence,  a habit of reading and writing, and the habit of working as a team, which will increase the feeling of belonging.

Being the first Didi to establish a LitClub in Nepal and now helping to establish new clubs, I feel very happy and proud with our new initiative.  I believe this will make a great difference in the lives of the girls that join the new LitClubs and also for the co-facilitators who get exposed to many new things like I have been.  Being able to improve literacy through these types of activities and being able to help grow this program is one of the many reasons I am a proud LitClub facilitator and Rukmini Foundation Didi.

I will be sharing more updates about LitClubs in Nepal very soon.

Surabhi Sharma
LitClub Co-Facilitator
Rukmini Foundation Didi

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