On the 5th of September LitClub Niharika members had an exciting session. Firstly, we started the meeting with warm greetings and then sang ‘The Hello Song’. We started off with a check-in question, ‘What is your best memory in LitClub?’ They answered with their memories of the times when they celebrated Read Aloud Day, made visit to a library or did a video shooting on their strengths.

LitClub Niharika Celebrate Literacy Day 2

After our greetings, we got to work on a team activity

We then moved on to a community building activity. For this part of the program, we planned to do some literacy activities as International Literacy Day was celebrated on 8th September). I shared some of my ideas with them and showed them some of the pictures on my cell phone that might be helpful in conducting the activities. We selected 3 of the pictures and started working on it in 3 different groups. One with “International Literacy Day “ along with many valuable quotes written in it another with the game of literacy snake and ladder and the last one with the message that kids who read always succeed.

LitClub Niharika Celebrate Literacy Day 3

Girls working in groups

The girls were very excited to draw the pictures and fill the chart papers with literacy slogans, their ideas and thoughts in a very colorful way. This activity proved to be a successful one. The girls used their imagination and creativity to draw this picture and wrote down their ideas. This carried a very important message that they wanted to give to other people in this world.

LitClub Niharika Celebrate Literacy Day 5

A group showing their great work

LitClub Niharika Celebrate Literacy Day 4

Another group showing their great work

All the girls showed much excitement and with their help we were able to complete all 3 charts. This team activity took more time than planned so we couldn’t manage to do Read Aloud in this session. But we were happy with what we were able to do in the day, as the efforts of all the girls resulted with beautiful, creative arts accompanied by their satisfied faces.

LitClub Niharika 1

It is always great to see the girls smile and be happy with their creative work

After completing the day’s projects, we sat down in a circle, praised each other for the wonderful work we had done and then sang ‘The Farewell Song’ with great rejoice.

Bandana Adhikary
LitClub Nikharika Leader

About Bandana Adhikary

If Bandana could choose three words to define herself, she would pick “learner, dreamer, and believer”. Bandana is a go-getter who believes in the power of hard work and hard work alone to obtain results. As a passionate Rotaractor, she loves expanding her worldview through dance, storytelling, poetry, and painting. She currently studies development finance and has mentored Niharika School’s LitClub for the past two years. Her experiences here have inspired her to help children and build platforms for young girls to practice self-expression and fearlessness. Bandana sees herself as a future social transformer through innovative entrepreneurship.
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