LitClub Niharika Update:

We wanted to give you an update on how our LitClub was doing. Since our last update, we have enjoyed some interesting sessions, but I wanted to tell you about a session where we had the girls write their own Haiku. This was something new for everyone so it was fun and interesting.What made this session more special was that we had two guests Prakriti Didi and Danielle who joined us. They wanted to see what the girls were doing and enjoyed seeing the girls write haikus and create beautiful drawings.

Prakriti Didi watches and is impressed by the girls

Prakriti Didi and Danielle watching the girls work


Haiku and art was one of the big highlights of this session


I heard a bird singing on a tree

But, I didn’t listen to him

Because he didn’t sing for me

During this session, the girls also read aloud a poem titled, “You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be” by Donna Levine. Reading aloud and sharing their drawings really helps to build their confidence. Despite some technical problems that prevented us from printing out and working on the curriculum as planned, the girls made the best of the day. Everybody enjoyed writing haikus and drawing. They also enjoyed meeting new Didis (elder sisters).

Drawing Together

We will have more fun activities planned for the girls in the future, and we want to thank Prakriti and Danielle for making this session even more enjoyable for everybody.

Leader Name: Bandana Adhikary
LitClub Location: Niharika Shishu Kunj
Lesson Used (Ex: Discussing Belonging): Discussing 3rd chapter of Confidence

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