Report by Niroj Shrestha

Earlier this month, we celebrated a very important day for Rukmini Foundation and its partner organizations in Nepal. Not only were we celebrating the important festival of During a Dashain, we also held a Greetings Exchange Event organized by Shikharapur Community Campus and the Community Learning Center (CLC) to inaugurate 3 innovative features in our newly built school:

  • Rukmini Smart Interactive Class
  • Rukmini Shikharapur Science Lab
  • Mobile Library

As new initiatives in Pharping region, the Smart Interactive Class at Shikharapur Community School, one of the Rukmini Foundation’s partner schools in Nepal has been jointly inaugurated by Members of Parliament (MPs): Hon. Rajendra Kumar KC and Hon. Binod Shrestha. The Smart Interactive Class is mainly supported by Rukmini Foundation as a new technology and innovation for interactive, distance and online education. This feature will benefit students of Shikharapur Campus during morning sessions while it will be used by school students in the afternoons. Outside of those sessions, this class will also help the students of the open learning and women schools as well. The entire community will benefit from this.


During the same event, the Rukmini Shikharapur Science Lab was also inaugurated by Executive of Dakshinkali Municipality, Mr. Bishnu Bahadur KC. The science lab supported by Rukmini Foundation is in full operation now and includes lots of equipment and new technology, which allows students to learn by experimenting as opposed to just learning by reading and memorizing. We believe that this will have a tremendous benefit not only for the Rukmini Scholars, but all students in this school.


Yet another interesting program which was inaugurated on this day was the initiation of a Mobile Library. Shikharapur LitWorld Library has made a big impact in a short period, but we wanted to provide access to more people to the library, and the concept of a Mobile Library was developed by Shikharapur Community Learning Center (SCLC). SCLC will manage this library and will reach out to different corners of villages where the readers have lack of access to libraries. The Mobile Library will provide access to daily newspapers, magazines, and books related to health, education, empowerment, agriculture, human rights, environment, and more. The library will also provide books appropriate for people who are newly literate as well as participants of open and women schools. We are very excited to be able to take advantage of the power of the LitLibrary and bring it to people who cannot physically get to the library.


We were honored to have representatives of different local active political parties, different social organizations, women’s networks, college lecturers, teachers, students, and community leaders present in this very important program. It highlighted the importance of these initiatives for the community, and also how much Rukmini Foundation values improving the quality of education.


The program also included the exchanging of Dashain Greetings as well as students of Shikharapur Campus performing different cultural activities. It was truly a historic day in our new school, and the start of even more innovation to come from our school and Rukmini Foundation.


About Niroj Shrestha

Niroj has been managing many of the activities of A School for Community (ASC) in Nepal that has been established to not only promote formal education, but also to leverage the experiences and skills of community leaders and members to promote local development. Niroj will bring his local expertise as well as his experience in managing programs at the grassroots level. He seeks to help the foundation to continually improve the delivery of programs while also building the capacity of our Didis and local volunteers.
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