LitClub Niharika Celebrates World Read Aloud Day
Guest Post By: Surabhi Sharma, LitClub Co-Facilitator & Rukmini Foundation Didi

World Read Aloud Day (WRAD), celebrated on March 6 th every year, is an awareness day advocating for literacy as a human right. This year, our LitClub in Nepal also celebrated the day with great enthusiasm. The program was held in Niharika Shishu Kunja High School, with twenty girls from classes 3 to 9 as the participants. The program was divided into four different parts- Read Aloud Session, Group Activity, Discussion and Refreshment. After the girls arrived at 10 am, the program started, and it ran till 2 pm.

Girls from all grade levels participated in this event as they fought nervousness to read aloud to the group.

We started the program by reading aloud different fables, poems, and essays written by renowned authors. Because the school was undergoing some construction, we faced some difficulty hearing each other due to the noise. Nevertheless, the girls read with great zeal, which showed their true interest in the program. The younger girls read beautiful poems while the older ones read very encouraging and motivating stories and speeches.

The group activity of drawing together and sharing was fun for all.

The next part of the program was a group activity, for which all the girls were given a drawing to color. This way they could relate themselves to the day they were celebrating as well as mingle with all the other girls in the room, learning something new about each other in the process. This seemed to be the best part of the program, as everyone enjoyed themselves a lot, smiling and laughing as they talked to each other.

After a short break, the third part of the program- the discussion session, began. In this part of the program we read various facts about the status of women in the world and discussed our thoughts and views about it. We also talked about the various things that we, as a small group of young girls, could do to help prevent huge problems like child marriage and illiteracy in our society.
Everyone seemed to enjoy this day.After completing the discussion session, the girls were looking a little hungry so I managed to get them refreshments. All of us sat together and talked about the things that we enjoyed throughout the day.

Finally, we all gathered and took our certificate of appreciation, and just enjoyed the feeling of getting together and celebrating WRAD with energy and promise. As the program manager and host of the program, I feel lucky to be able to help the other girls celebrate World Read Aloud Day. The program turned out to be a real success. I would like to express my sincere thanks to LitWorld and especially to Leah Joseph for all the help and support.

– Surabhi Sharma

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