Anjana Poudel

Anjana has gone through a lot already in her life. Like many in Nepal, she was caught up in the recent earthquakes. She jumped out of her home to survive the quakes.

Anjana, who sustained minor injuries during the earthquake, stands in front of her house which was destroyed during the disaster

Anjana (right) with her mother (left) – both smiling in the hope for a better future

Before the quakes, Anjana dreamed of becoming a social worker some day. She knows hard work and dedication will help her achieve her goals. Her commitment to get a good education is apparent by the time she spends walking to school every day. The roads are neither paved nor easy, crossing the hills on narrow paths takes her an hour to cover a distance of 2 miles. With the recent earthquakes, Anjana has seen how important social work is, and is even more committed to achieving her goals.


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