Kanchi helping her family with household chores

Kanchi Tamang

Kanchhi Tamang shares with us her story of hope, strength, and resilience. Having lost her parents at a young age, Kanchi is an orphan who was left to fend for herself by her older brother and his wife. She was taken in by her uncle and currently lives in Talku, where she attends our partner school – Setidevi Secondary School – Talku. Being only fifteen minutes walking distance from her school, Kanchhi had made Setidevi school her sanctuary and absolutely loves going there to learn. Her passion is to speak English fluently, therefore she enjoys reading English books and her desire in life is to become a teacher.

She is currently in 10th grade and needs to dedicate a lot of time to focus on her studies.  Unfortunately, she is unable to spend the required hours doing her homework because she has to contribute towards household work which hampers her school work. While one may think chores for a young girl still in school would include setting up the dinner table or taking out the trash, for Kanchhi her tasks are rather different. She is expected to look after the family’s cattles, clean the shed, gather firewood, and help with the cooking – and this is only listing a few of her daily chores. Rukmini Foundation understands that for families that face economic hardship – every family member needs to contribute. However, it is equally important to let children focus on their studies to enable them to have a brighter future.  By conducting home visits and having meetings with Kanchhi’s uncle and aunt, we hope to encourage a better learning environment for Kanchhi at her home and hopes that it will help her towards her goal of becoming a teacher.

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