Sabina with her parents and younger sister

Sabina Ghimire

Sabina Ghimire is a 9th grader who attends Pharping Higher Secondary School. At a young age, Sabina already had a fascination with Science. She loved learning about the human body and how science seemed to have an answer to all of her questions. Sabina wants to take her love for science to the next level and become a doctor. After all, it seems to be the best way to not only quench her thirst for knowledge, but also help people who are most vulnerable.

Sabina comes from a relatively large family  – she has one elder sister and two younger sisters. Although both of her parents work, it is still not enough to manage a family of six. Sabina’s father is a farmer who rears goats and her mother works in a small college canteen in Kathmandu, earning an insufficient monthly income of $56.00. One may find it rather puzzling to hear families who are already living well below the poverty line having so many children – after all the larger the families, the harder it is to sustain a good lifestyle. Unfortunately, majority of the Nepalese communities are still patriarchal and women have a huge pressure of having sons as the family heirs. This usually leads to mothers having almost 4-5 children in the hope that the next one is a son. Sabina is a hard working young girl and RF hopes to empower her in realizing her dreams, while also helping her family see that Sabina too can give them the happiness and support that they expect from a son.

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