Sadikshya (far left) with her mother, younger sister (right) and little brother (front). The whole family is excited for Sadikshya to start this new chapter in her life as a Rukmini Scholar.

Sadiksya K.C.

Sadikshya is a sixth grader who wishes to become a doctor. She believes it to be a noble profession and wants to dedicate her time towards helping others. She also gets a lot of practice at home helping her mother take care of her younger sister and brother. Sadikshaya loves going to school and her favorite subject is science. She is also one of our youngest new student  to join the Rukmini family. She lives in Dakshinkali and rides a bus to Shikharapur School. Her father, Pradhunna K.C., supports her family of five and provides for his children’s education.

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