Asmita discussing with Rukmini Didi during our home visit

Asmita Mangrati

Asmita Mangrati is another one of our new scholars who recently had to move due to the Earthquake. Asmita is originally from a village called Dahachok, but migrated to Bansbari to live with her elder sister because her house was totally damaged in the earthquake of 2015. Her family makes a living through agriculture and their income is barely enough to meet their basic needs. Despite the hardships, Asmita enjoys living with her sister and her brother in law and tries to help them out as much as possible.

She loves going to her new school, so much so that she does not mind walking 45 minutes every day to get to her class. The walk itself is not an easy one –  majority of the time it is through rough terrains and no paved roads.  Asmita is in 8th grade and her favorite subject is Nepali. Her passion is singing and she hopes to one day get up on a stage and share her love for singing with others. While becoming a singer may not seem like a practical way to earn a living, after experiencing the earthquake,  Asmita feels that it is equally important to enjoy life and the beauty it has to offer by following one’s passion.

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