Sukrira loves playing with her pet dog when she has time

Sukrira KC

Sukrira lives in Satikhel Village with her brother and grandmother. Sadly for Sukrira, her mother left the family when Sukrira was young due to a domestic dispute with her father. Her uncle and grandmother are currently supporting her and her brother. Her uncle owns a small shop in the village while her grandmother works in the small plot of land they own. Sukrira does not know her father very well, but he does occasionally visit her and her brother, however, he does not provide them with any support.

Financially, education is a strain on her grandmother and uncle, but with the tuition paid by the school and Rukmini Foundation covering other costs, Sukrira will be able to continue school without too many worries. She wants to become a nurse one day. In her free time, which is very limited, she helps her grandmother with work and she also enjoys playing with her pet dog.


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