Asmita Sunuwar

Asmita Sunuwar is currently in class 7 at Arunodaya Higher Secondary School and feels confident about furthering her studies after becoming a Rukmini Scholar. She considers the scholarship very meaningful not only because of the financial burden it removes, but also because of the mentoring program, which she has found to be very helpful.

She feels excited about going to school, especially with a new uniform and having the necessary school supplies. She feels very relaxed now knowing that her parents do not have to struggle to provide her the things she needs for school.

Asmita has big ambitions of being becoming a successful doctor, and she is now working hard to excel in school. Besides her studies, she is really enjoying taking part in the ‘Didi Program’ because it helps her feel like she belongs with the other scholars.

Asmita’s father works hard to provide for the family, but the limited income made it tough to provide things that Asmita needed for school

Asmita talks about her future plans with Rasmita (left) and Pramila Didi

Asmita’s father

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