Susmita Tamang

Susmita has to walk more than an hour on foot through hilly slopes of Dadikhel village to get to school, but despite these challenges, she is happy to be in school and focused on continuing her studies at Setidevi Secondary School-Talku.

Her father works as a carpenter and her mother helps out by working in agriculture, and the family earns just enough to support the basic expenses of the family. Susmita and her family have found the scholarship very helpful because the family no longer worry about how to support her schooling.

As a Rukmini scholar, Susmita feels that she has received a lot of positive feedback from her teachers. Susmita also enjoys taking part in the different activities like the Didi programs. Susmita aims to be a successful teacher as she is inspired by one of her teacher named Som Bdr. Balami and wants to educate others like her teacher is doing for her.

Recently, Susmita and her family let us into their lives to show just how hard Susmita works to maintain her education. We captured a day in her life to show what the journey for education in rural Nepal really looks like:

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