Bimala (right) with her mother. Bimala is currently in Grade 9 and goes to Arunodaya School

Bimala Bisunke

Bimala lives in Dakshinkali, only 15 minute walk away from her school. Bimala knows she is fortunate to be close to her school, especially seeing how some of her friends have to walk for over an hour every day to get to class. Bimala enjoys learning and has special interest in studying Nepali. She loves Nepali and aspires to teach Nepali at school. She believes it is important to learn another language, like English, but also equally important to make sure you know your mother tongue.

Bimala has five members in her family. Her father, Surjaman Bisunke, works at a small shoe shop and provides for everyone’s need. He also tries hard to provide for both of his daughter’s education.

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