Sabina is the oldest sibling, and setting an example for her younger sister and brother to follow

Sabina Rumba

Sabina Rumba is a hard working girl and we are happy to welcome her to the Rukmini family. Sabina lives in Bandarkhara, Kathmandu in a family of six. It takes her 45 minutes to get to school, but she is one of the fortunate ones who gets to ride a bus to school. Her family is also in agriculture and faces financial hardship. Sabina’s mother is a housewife and looks after the house, along with her grandmother who also tries to make a financially contribution to the family.

Being the eldest daughter of the family, she is already setting a good example for her younger siblings by performing very well in school. Sabina’s 6th grade teachers have already taken a note of her bright mind and her dedication to her studies. Her gift of knowledge is also benefitted by Sabina’s siblings, whom she tutors at home during her free time. Sabina’s favorite subject is Science, but her true passion is learning about the world. She hopes to become a Flight attendant someday so she can travel the world.

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