Anju Theeng

Anju has had to deal with a lot of adversity in life already. She lost her mother at a young age and also faced the terrible prospect of early marriage because her father could not support her education due to their limited income.

Her family does not earn steady income, so it is difficult for her family to support her and her two younger brothers. Despite the challenges, Anju has a strong desire to continue her studies and even planned to move to her older sister’s house in order to continue school and avoid early marriage. Thanks to our support, she graduated from Pharping Higher Secondary School by passing the SLC with First Division.

Her favorite subject is Nepali, and she wants to grow up to be a nurse. Outside of school, she enjoys reading story books and listening to music.

Anju with her Grandmother

Rasmita interviews Anju as part of the selection process

Here is Anju talking about her challenges, but also about how she enjoys school:

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