Sujata (top row, 2nd from the right) stands up for Peace when we asked the girls to write about what they stand for in a campaign we partnered with our friends at LitWorld.

Sujata Mahat

Her favorite subject is English. She wants to work in the medical field.

Sujata lives with her family including a young sister and her parents. Her father works as a house painter, but his work is not very regular, which causes a financial strain on the family. Her family owns a very small plot of land, which unfortunately is not suitable for growing crops. Sujata likes to study and was among the top 10 in her class, graduating in 2014 from Shikharapur Community School. She wants to be involved in medicine and help improve the health situation for her fellow villagers. She is inspired by a distant relative who works in the United Nations (UN) office in Kathmandu. He helped to build a medical center, which has done a lot of good in Sujata’s village, and she wishes to be able to do something like this.

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