Salina helps her mother with chores including taking care of the cows

Salina Sunar

Salina is one of our youngest new scholars who will be joining our Rukmini family. Salina is the eldest daughter of Shiva and Sabina Sunar’s  three children. She currently attends Arunodaya Higher Secondary School and is in 6th grade. Salina has a great passion for numbers and gets excited about attending her Mathematics class. She aspires to become a math teacher one day and her desire is to help teach children who do not have access to education. Salina is grateful to have the opportunity to attend school and be part of Rukmini Foundation; however Salina knows that not everyone is fortunate like her and may not be able to attend school. Salina’s love for education and her passion towards learning has made her realize she wants to ensure kids like her get to discover the beauty of math and numbers.

Salina’s family was one of the many who lost their home during the devastating Earthquake in 2015. Her family is currently living at the Bottle House at Shikarapur Community Learning center and her parents look after the agricultural farm of Bottle house. Despite losing her home, Salina feels her family is lucky to have a shelter and with the help of Rukmini Foundation she can go to school.

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