Shrijana Tamang

Shrijana’s family is originally from the Kavre district, but she is now living in Pharping with her parents. Her father is a driver by trade and the limited income makes it difficult for him to provide for all of the needs of the family.

At the very early age of 10, Shreejana had set a goal to become a doctor, and to fulfill her goal, she developed a strong interest in Science. Shrijana graduated from Arunodaya Higher Secondary School, and after graduation is now taking an interest in helping younger scholars. She wants to be a teacher in the future.

She is now also a part of the team, and is now mentoring younger scholars.


Shrijana (Far Right) with her friends/Rukmini Scholars Asmita (Left) and Nirupa (Middle)

I feel lucky and proud because i am one of the scholar of the Rukmini Foundation and i am working in Rukmini Foundation nowadays. Thank you for giving me this golden opportunity to be a one part of Rukmini foundation.

Shrijana Tamang

Didi & Gradaute Scholar, Rukmini Foundation

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