Puja is all smiles as she continues her education after Grade 10

Puja Pudasaini

Puja was one of the first 10 Rukmini Scholars. Puja and her family migrated to the Pharping area from a nearby district of Makwanpur. She has two sisters, one older and one younger. Puja’s parents had a difficult time paying tuition and school fees for all of their children so the Rukmini scholarship eased this burden for her parents. As a Rukmini Scholar, Puja did quite well in school and enjoyed taking part in all of the programming offered by the foundation.

Though hard work and support from her teachers, Puja was one of the eight girls who graduated in 2014. Even though she completed grade 10, she is pursuing further studies and is now studying in Tribhuwan Adarsha College.

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