Ranjana (right in the middle) is all smiles along with her new classmates in her new school

Ranjana Karki

“A ray of hope” – is the best way to describe our next scholar, Ranjana Karki. For a 6th grader, Ranjana has already faced a lot of hardship that many would not have the courage to face in a lifetime. Ranjana and her family recently moved to Sokhel from Sindhupalchok – which was the epicenter of the 2016 earthquake and one of the worst affected areas in Nepal. The whole village was destroyed and it was a miracle that Ranjana and her family survived. Ranjana’s father is physically handicapped and unable to work, making her mother the sole earner supporting a family of five.

However, after the earthquake, Ranjana’s mother faced a lot of mental trauma, which  also stopped her from working. In this tough time, Ranjana’s grandmother who is 74 years old is taking care of her family. It might be easy to want to give up at a situation like this, however not our Ranjana. She saw the best way she can help her family out is by getting a good education. She saw the importance of healthcare and is now aspiring to be a nurse in the hope that she can take care of her parents and her grandmother. RF is proud to welcome someone as inspirational as Ranjana to be part of the our Rukmini family and we hope to provide her with the support she needs to fulfill her dreams.

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