Nirupa Poudel

Nirupa Poudel was very excited and happy when she was selected as a Rukmini Scholar. She said it made her feel like a ‘chosen one’. She was even happier when she received a school bag, uniform, and stationary for school. She says that her parents do not worry about how to support her education now and it has relieved stress on the family. She admitted feeling a little guilty about asking for these things for school before because she knew her parents had a difficult time affording them.

She finds that her teachers are more supportive and she has been doing very well in school. Besides school, she enjoys the mentoring program (Didi Program). When asked about what she would like to do in the future, she surprised us by saying that she would like to become an Army Officer someday. She says that she is fascinated by the lifestyle, the training required, and the discipline of the Army. She is certainly tough enough as she travels more than an hour each way every day to get to school.


Nirupa with her family

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